R36 3G Dongle Support List

Vendor model name 3G system
Huawei E220 wcdma
Huawei EC1260 cdma2000
Huawei E169/169G/169U wcdma
Asus T500 wcdma
SonyEricsson MD300 wcdma
Qisda H21(single) wcdma
ZTE  MF626 wcdma
ZTE MF627 wcdma
ZTE MF628 wcdma
Huawei E180 wcdma
Huawei E219 wcdma
Huawei D02 wcdma
Huawei D21 wcdma
Huawei D22 wcdma
Huawei D23 wcdma
Huawei D31 wcdma
Huawei ET128 wcdma
DoCoMo A2502 wcdma
SoftBank C01LC wcdma
Sierra 598U EVDO
Qisda H21(dual) wcdma
Huawei D12HW cdma2000
Huawei D12LC cdma2000
Huawei D21LC cdma2000
EpiValley 8089 cdma2000
ZTE AC2726 cdma2000
Huawei E1762
PROLINK PHS100 wcdma
PROLINK PHS300 wcdma
i-mobile U3300
PROLINK PHS101 wcdma
Huawei E1552 wcdma
Huawei E1782 wcdma
BandLuxe C180 wcdma
Option Icon 225 wcdma
ZTE MF636 wcdma
ZTE MF637 wcdma
Dlink DWM-156 wcdma
NOKIA CS-15 wcdma
Huawei E156G wcdma
ZTE AC2736 cdma2000
Huawei E1550 wcdma
Huawei E1820 wcdma
ZTE MF112 wcdma
ZTE MF110 wcdma
Huawei E1752 wcdma
Royaltek Q110 wcdma
CSL U1-TF wcdma
Huawei E177
ZTE MF631 wcdma
ZTE MF180 wcdma
BandLuxe C120 wcdma
Dlink DWM-152 wcdma
Linktop LW273 wcdma
Linktop LW272 wcdma
ZTE MF627-v2 wcdma
BSNL LW272-v2 wcdma
ZTE MF190-v2 wcdma
ZTE MF668 wcdma
Dlink DWM-156-v2 wcdma
PROLINK PHS101-v2 wcdma
Huawei E1556 wcdma
Huawei EC150 cdma2000
ZTE K3805-Z wcdma
Huawei E1550v2 wcdma
Huawei EC1262 cdma2000
ZTE MF636-v2 wcdma
Huawei E173Eu-1 wcdma
Stelcom DT800 tscdma
Stelcom DT800-v2 tscdma
Stelcom DT800-V3 tscdma
Huawei EC156 cdma2000
ZTE MF180-v2 wcdma
ZTE MF626-v2 wcdma



 E353U- 2


Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc. https://www.alfa.com.tw

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  1. Hello, could you give us a recommended list and locations/distributors to purchase from in Europe? Thanks, Stephane


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