R36 upgrade firmware by Console

R36 Upgrade Firmware by Console.


  1. R36 : 1 Unit.
  2. Console Board:  1 Unit.
  3. Console Cable: 1 Unit.
Below are picture that use the Console Board connect to URAT port of the R36.
Console Cable & Console Board.




1. Set your PC to
2.Set up the Hyper Terminal to Baud rate to 115200-8N-1
3. Open the TFTP server and check the firmware file ( R36-v1.2.0.7b6.img) in the folder.
4. Power on the R36, and PC use the Ethernet cable connect to LAN port of te R36. The Hyper Terminal will show information.
5. Press “2”
6. Press ” Y”
7. Press ” Enter”.
8. Copy the firmware name to filename.
9. Then R36 will reboot.
10. Then upgrade firmware success.

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc. https://www.alfa.com.tw

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  1. Hi there,I don't know how tu use this blog but I'm having problem connecting. Could someone post the pin setting (vcc, rx, tx,grd or appropriate)on the R36 board?thanks


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