R36 upgrade firmware process

R36 upgrade firmware process

1.Please use the Ethernet cable connect to LAN port of the R36 and PC
2. Check your PC’s IP address is 192.168.2.X(R36 default IP address is

3.Open IE browser then key in then key in user name and password are “admin”


4. Advanced Management.


5. Choose the Firmware upgrade then location that select the firmware file of the Folder.
6. Select the firmware file name “R36-V1.2.1.3b6.img”
7. Then Upload


8. Upgrade Success

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc. https://www.alfa.com.tw

4 thoughts

  1. In conjunction AWUS036NHV and R36 are not connected to the router TP-LINK. Tried to connect to TP-LINK WDR4300 and TL-WN722N – in SoftAP mode. AWUS036NHV without using R36 is connected well. In conjunction AWUS036NHV and R36 managed to only connect to the router company ZyXEL Keenetic.


  2. there is a problem in my awus036nh cant connect in r36. is there a way to fix this prblem ill try to update also the firmware of the r36 but still the same issues, the usb indecator locate on the r36 no light


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