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  1. I managed finally to install AWUS036NHV on El Capitan. It can scan and see networks. Thanks! But it cannot connect at all and the device looks unplugged from Network Preferences. Help appreciated.


  2. Sorry. Fail again. After the first install the message is always No Wireless NIC Plug in. This on an old mac book air. The same message appears on the super new MacBook Pro of my partner. Sorry for Alfa! I'm about to send back the antenna.


  3. MacBook Pro 15 OS X El Capitan Railink rt2870, rt3070 works.After 3 days of search and the rt3070 installations works in my mac,the detailed instruction was taken from the site of USB Wireless Antenna (chipsets RT2870 or RT3070) using the software \”BearExtender 5.4\”.- OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan)Installation (software)1) Remove workaround first – RESTART2) Remove old files – RESTART3) Install 5.4 (BearExtender) – DONT RESTART YET!4) Connect the USB Wireless AntennaInstallation (driver)5) Run EasyKext Utility6) Drag RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext to it – RESTARTDeactivation of the SIP (System Integrity Protection) Kext Signing Protection7) Restart your Mac on Recovery Mode- Restart and hold “Command” + “R”8) Open “Terminal”- At “Utilities” menu9) Type “csrutil – -without kext”10) A success message should appear:- “Successfully enable System Integrity Protection. Please restart the machine for the changes to take effect.”10b) An error message may appear (it’s OK)- “csrutil: requesting an unsupported configuration. This is likely to break in the future and leave your machine in a unknown state.”11) If the message on item 10 appears you may RESTART you MacYour USB Wireless Antenna is now working in your mac with “El Capitan”!Enjoy!link for files(BearExtender-5.4, KCPM Utility Pro,RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext)


  4. Apple introduced SIP(System Integrity Protection) in WWDC 2015, and made a number of security changes to prevent certain malware activities. SIP prevents some low-level activities to system, and drivers of wireless adapters need to be \”injected / mounted\” in system level, The SIP behavior causes driver loading failure in El Capitan, this is also what we're discussing here, where our pain comes from. Disabling SIP to allow drivers to be applied in El Capitan can be the solution for now, thanks to the SIP utility by cvad, the complexity of command-typing is greatly reduced. Carefully refer to the content in this blog, there is great chance to make the wireless adapter functional on your El Capitan.


  5. New driver schedule is not formally update yet; once the driver is completed, and being approved. The new driver will be announced on ALFA Network website for customers.


  6. No further info from chipset maker for now. If possible, write down the requirement of the wireless adapter, we might give some suggestions for ALFA product selection.


  7. hi please help me I have UBDo 25t from yesterday i tried all drivers from the CD i am with El capitano I tried also with that one here nothing work


  8. Due to chipset manufacturer used in UBDo-25t has not released a driver for El Capitan, please refer to the steps carefully in this page to make UBDo-25t operational on you Mac computer.


  9. please tell me Jimmy do I need to install some driver before use the topping on this article here? By the way I installed Yosemite and downloaded the drivers for 10.10 still negative result ???? Strange


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