How to use WiFi CampPro2 / R36A Failover Recovery mode to upload firmware

How to use WiFi CampPro2 / R36A Failover Recovery mode to upload firmware

Before the process, failover recovery mode, please download proper firmware image file
For WiFi CampPro2 v1.10 firmware image: click DOWNLOAD
1. Go to Control panel
An easy way to find the control panel is In search bar to type-in “Control Panel”
2. Find the Network and Sharing Center and click
3. Click ”Change adapter settings”


5. Select “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
 6. Enter a IP address “” and click “ Ok “ button
7. Push the reset button and plug in power source and ethernet cable and wait for 5 seconds to release the reset button
8. Open your browser and type-in to go to firmware recover web page
9. Use “Browse” button to choose the right firmware then click “Update firmware” button and wait about 3 minutes until device fully upload and reboot



10. During Update In progress, go back to Ethernet adapter setting and choose “ Obtain an IP address automatically” then you should able to access your ALFA device

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

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