Recover AC1200R

Recover AC1200R
Any unknow reason not able to access AC1200R webpage, you can use TFTP to upload the firmware to recover your AC1200R.
Follow by below steps
1. Prepare to recover AC1200R
  • Download TFTP program and AC1200R firmware image [ Download Link ] to your Desktop and unzip it
  • Set your computer LAN to fix IP
2. Push reset button first, then plug in Power source
    Wait for 10 seconds to release reset button



3. Open Tftp32 program and choose “Tftp Client”
Type-in in Host bar and click Local File choose panda-alfa_v2.7.img from the folder

4. Clict Put to start transfer firmware image from computer to AC1200R

5. When finish click “Ok” and close the Tftp32 program
Wait for 1 minute until you see the AC1200R LED ” WLAN” flash

6. Release computer LAN setting to ” Obtain an IP address automatically”

7. Now, you can open Browser and type in “” to access AC1200R web control page

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

7 thoughts

  1. What default password and login ?And second question – Openwrt on AC1200R ?)I can't find bin openwrt image on Google to install, do you have , pleeeeezzz public binary image openwrt to this router if exists) Thx(Sorry my english)


  2. In machine default state, there is no username/password for logging-in. If your machine is firmware version 2.7 or above, please use admin/admin for machine logging-in.


  3. Default IP address of AC1200R:, no username/password for logging-in (if the unit on your side is firmware 2.7 or later, please use admin/admin for machine access.)OpenWRT is not officially supported, no binary image for now. Some keyword \”RTL8197D openwrt\” search might help to get the source codes. Please compile the firmware on your own risk, and any move causing the unit being \”brick\” might bring additional RMA cost, please kindly be advised.


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