Install AWUS036NHA into your Linux Box

1.    Download Linux driver from an open source vendor. For detail information, please visit 
2.    tar -xvjf compat-wireless-2.6.39-1.tar.bz2
3.    cd compat-wireless-2.6.39-1
6.    patch -p1 < mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch
7.    patch -p1 < channel-negative-one-maxim.patch
Compile the driver for your AWUS036NHA => chose “atheros”.
8.    ./scripts/driver-select atheros
Plug and AWUS036NHA into your Linux box
9.    make & make install
10.  modprobe ath9k_hw

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

2 thoughts

  1. It doesn't work on kernel 3.8.1 drivers: patch channel-negative-one-maxim.patch give errors:Hunk #1 FAILED at 49.Hunk #2 FAILED at 76.2 out of 2 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file net/wireless/chan.c.rej


  2. I think the patch is from long ago, the current driver (ath9k_htc) keeps getting updates. I think this patch isn't needed anymore in 2015.


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