Integrate R36 with 3G Modem

Step 1:
Connect 3G USB Dongle to the R36 Router USB port.
Step 2:
Power on the R36 Router and go to the setting webpage.
Step 3:
Key in “admin” to both User Name and Password and you will see the homepage as below:
Step 4:
Go to Easy Setup check box you will find 4 types of WAN port connection.
Step 5:
a.)    Check the 3G dongle.


b.)    It will show “Saving” after check USB Wireless adapter
Step 6:
a.)    Please check the Enable Box
b.)    Click Ok to enter the Pin Code.
c.)    Allow ActiveX control download
d.)   Key in Pin Code
Step 7:
a.)    Click next after Enter the Pin Code
b.)    It will show Warning. Click OK
c.)    Saving configuration
Step 8:
Configure the SSID and Security Mode of the R36 Router. (EX. ALFA-3G)
Step 9:
a.)    Saving configuration
b.)    Rebooting after Saving
c.)    Wizard Success!
Step 10:
It will show connected status and Other Information.
1.     You can go to Advance box to check WAN more settings
2.     It is useful to Reboot system when you have the 3G  connection problem

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

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