AWUS036NEH and AWUS036NH MacOS 10.14 Mojave Installation Guide


MacOS 10.14 Mojave Installation Guide

Step 1: Go to ALFA download website to download proper driver
Step 2: Install the driver, click the “ALFA_Wireless_Installer(Mojave).dmg” to unpack
Step 3: Click “Install_Mojave.pkg” to install the driver
Step 4:  You might see this warning message, just click “OK”
* If you don’t see this message which means you already allow the unidentified developer driver,
and you can skip to Step 7
Step 5: To allow the unidentified developer driver, please go to Applications -> System Preferences
            and choose ” Security & Privacy”
Step 6: click locker icon to unlock and choose ” App Store and identified developers” and click ” Open Anyway” button to Open the install driver
Step 7: follow the instruction to install the driver
Step 8: After Restart, then go to “Security & Privacy” to allow the driver to use
Note:  Please turn off internal Wi-Fi card in order to use the external Wi-Fi card
Step 9: By default the AWUS036NH & AWUS036NEH Wi-Fi is Turn off, therefore, please Turn on Wi-Fi to use it
-The End and Enjoy your internet connection – ^ ^

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

31 thoughts

  1. I followed the instructions and after the restart, there was no warning on privacy settings, so I proceed to open the alfa wireless utility.I can see the icon on the top but nothing is shown when I select \”show wireless utility\”, the same used to happen with previous version of this installer.I have MacOs Mojave 10.14.1 (18B75) in a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)Please help


  2. It will NOT work in OSX 10.14.1.I am running 10.14.1 and it will not recognize this adapter or the AWUS1900. I ran OSX 10.11 in a virtual machine on my Macbook Pro running 10.14.1 and the network adapter is recognized in the virtual machine with the older OS. They need to update their software for 10.14.1.


  3. I can't get the wireless utility to run under 10.14 either. Just installed the new driver and the utility won't open up with the internal Wi-Fi on or off. It worked great before I upgraded. I hope there's a fix for this coming as I'm on a boat in the Bahamas and really need the boost!


  4. Ok, the fix is out now but I am not sure if it was posted publicly yet. E-mail support, they are amazing. They fixed the issue and it is working great on 10.14.1 now. That was the fastest support turn around with a software update I have ever experienced!


  5. For all those installing this, a word of caution.After installing (on MacOS 10.14.1) the latest driver available at the above link offered for Mojave 10.14, my MacBook would no longer go past the login page. Could not boot into safe mode (even after decrypting FV) to remove the driver, so I decided to reinstall MacOS. Took a while but got back into the desktop, and the software was still there and the card is recognised and able to connect to wireless APs. That said – it is a little buggy and slow compared to when connected to same AP via the inbuilt Apple card.If you proceed to take the risk of installing this to use the card on MacOS, make a backup of your files. That said, my files were left intact after reinstalling MacOS Mojave.


  6. BlackFlie, are you having issues with the computer not booting or the wireless just not picking up? I am running OSX 10.14.3 and it works just fine.


  7. I just bought a AWUS036NEH, and install the driver. however, the \”Wireless LAN Utility\” did not show up. Is anyone know how to solve it? I am using OSX 10.14.3.


  8. Hi, I have AWUS036NH properly enabled in monitor mode in Kali Linux. However when I use airodump-ng wlan0 no BSSID results are shown. I succeeded once, but since then nothing gets displayed. I have waited until 20 min and no results at all. What should we do? Is that behavior normal?
    Thank you


  9. I had similar issues until i realized that the link provided was for AWUS036N”E”H simply traverse the directories until you reach the right model!


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