ALFA WiFi USB Support MacOS 10.13 ( High Sierra) Model List

ALFA WiFi USB Support MacOS 10.13 ( High Sierra) Model List

**2017/12/5 Updated News: Here come AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, AWUS051NH v2, AWUS052NH, AWUS036ACM, Tube-UN, UBDo-25, UBDo-n Mac OS X 10.13 driver. Download Driver: Mac 10.13**

**2017/11/28 Updated Note: AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, AWUS051NH v2, AWUS052NH and AWUS036ACM ONLY work if you already installed in Mac OS X 10.12 and upgrade to Mac OS X 10.13. If the NEW Mac OS X 10.13 system, it will not work **

Note: MacOS 10.13 use the same MacOS 10.12 driver, therefore, please check MacOS 10.12 driver page, here is the link Mac OS X 10.12 driver link

Tips: If you don’t see Alfa Utility icon on the top right system tray, you can go to Applications to find ALFA Wireless Utility folder and click “ALFA Wireless Utility” icon to enable Alfa Utility

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

20 thoughts

  1. If you use totally New Mac OS X 10.13, it will not work, it only work when you use Mac OS X 10.12 to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.13. Sorry for any inconvenienceWe will try to solve this problemThank you


  2. I just installed the new driver (12-05-2017) and while the wireless utility shows up right after the install (before restarting), when I restart it won't work.Please update it.


  3. Hello, I installed the newest 2017/12/05 and rebooted and it has the same behavior as the previous one – the small icon appears in the top right corner but it will not show the Wireless Utility from there or from clicking the icon in Applications. I tried shutting it down in Activity Monitor and reopening from the Applications folder, and the icon reappears but same response. I am using macOS 10.13.1 that was upgraded from the previous version, not a new install.


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