AP121 to OpenWRT In -and-Out Step-by-Step Procedure

AP121 to OpenWRT
In -and-Out
Step-by-Step Procedure
Those models use the same procedure: AP121, AP121U, Hornet, Hornet-UB
** Check Here to Download the firmware image **
Follow by below steps:
1. Make sure your device firmware version is v3.1-0810
  If not, upgrade to firmware version v3.1-0810
  •   Go to Advanced –> Management –> Firmware Upgrade –> choose the Hornet-B6-v3.1-0810-r7e2145-WEB to upgrade


2. With firmware version v3.1-0810 to OpenWRT firmware, just go to Firmware Upgrade page to choose openwrt-ar71xx-generic-hornet-ub-squashfs-factory.bin to upgrade
** Note: after upload OpenWRT firmware, the device IP change to **
Load back from OpenWRT to Alfa version firmware
1. Go to System–> Backup/Flash Firmware
2. Select the image ” Hornet-B6-v3.1-0810-r7e2145-BIN ” to upload
** Very Important: after click ” Proceed ” button, please wait 3 minutes to finish upload process ** 
   With Alfa firmware, the device default IP is

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc. https://www.alfa.com.tw

12 thoughts

  1. Is the same method and same file for ALFA TUBE2H valid ?What should I do if it is not valid ? For ALFA TUBE2HI want to return the original Firmware to OpenwrtWe are very pleased if you prepare a guideAlso this file missing !!! Please re-upload Hornet-B6-v3.1-0810-r7e2145-BIN


  2. My firmware update from v3.1-0810 to openwrt-ar71xx-generic-hornet-ub-squashfs-factory.bin went bad and now i can't access to router any way. Any recomendation? Thanks in advance


  3. Ok, I just found out the solution for my problem. Basically the firmware was correctly installed (apparently) but I had to connect to router through network cable, setup a manual address on my eth0 to and now I can access to it.


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