How To Upgrade R36 Firmware

How To Upgrade R36 Firmware

Before Upgrade
1. Download the R36 firmware from Alfa website download page  >>  Link <<  

2. Use Ethernet cable connect R36 LAN and Computer / Laptop LAN

Start Upgrade

1. Open the browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari
In the URL bar, type in to access R36 web page
Go to Advanced –> Management

2. At Firmware Upgrade section, click ” Browse”

4. Select the R36 image which you download from Alfa download webpage

5. Check ” Load Factory Defaults” then click “Upload”
 ( ** DO NOT power off R36 during firmware upgrade ** )

6. Wait for 30 seconds to re-flash the browser to setup
( DONE )  

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

7 thoughts

  1. There are plenty factors for the symptom on your side. Is the \”Unavailable\” symptom occurred after firmware upgrade? Can you please use a Ethernet cable to connect to R36 LAN port for machine access? How about the LED status of the R36 on your side? Please kindly send more detail descriptions for further analysis.


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