Alfa WiFi USB Adapter on Windows 8

Windows 8 Compatible List

  WLAN AutoConfig Wireless LAN Utility
UBDo-g / UBDo-gt N/A
UBDo-n / UBDo-nt
Tube-U(G) N/A


1. Make sure you PC is connecting to Internet

2. Plug AWUS036H into USB port directly
3. Add Hardware Wizard will search & install driver for you automatically


(That’s t take AWUS036H as example)

1. Plug in AWUS036H into Windows 8 and launch Device Manager

2. Expend your Network adapters section in Device Manager, click on Settings -> PC Info -> Device


3. Right click on AWUS036H (Realtek RTL8187 Wireless …. ) and select Update Driver Software ..
4. Press Browse button to locate driver for AWUS036H for Windows 7 where is located in CD as shown in following picture.

5. Driver is installed as shown in following picture

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

34 thoughts

  1. this has nothing to do with windows 8. please just upload a driver for this and we can figure it out ourselves if you do not have time for such an over-demanding request.


  2. Cant get it to work with windows 8.1, have written tech support 22 times and done all they have recommended and nothing. Still in a loop, and it doesn't work at all.


  3. The win 7 driver seems to be working just fine for me on Win 8, give it a try! Just manually tell your computer you'd like to supply the driver for the adapter and navigate to where the win 7 driver is (for me it was a usb flash drive) and it will install it super fast and you'll be online


  4. Using the win 7 driver on my win 8 machine gave me absolutely no trouble at all. Don't run the win 7 driver setup file, that will error out. But the good news is that most driver setup files install all kinds of useless software anyway..Instead, open Device Manager and manually supply the win 7 driver for the adapter. It installed super quick and I was on my network immediately running Windows Updates.Give it a try! I hope it works for you both


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