Install AWUS036H onto Mac OS 10.7


1) Starting your Mac with 32-bit
Option 1: Start up key combination (for current startup only)
You can start up with the 32-bit kernel by holding the keys 2 and 3 simultaneously during startup.

Option 2: On-disk setting (persistent)
To select the 32-bit kernel for the current startup disk, use the following command in Terminal:
sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

Restart your computer.

2) Download the AWUS036H driver from Alfa’s website:
If you are downloading from another link be sure you are downloading 8187L, NOT 8187B since it will not work in this case.

3) Unpack the ZIP file using a program like Zipeg. Once unpacked, double-click the install.pkg file to begin the installation and proceed through the installation as you normally would.
Restart your computer.

4) Once rebooted, open up the Terminal window. Then type in the commands listed below in that order (leave out the #, they are simply indicators of commands). When using sudo you will be prompted for your password, so be prepared to enter it.
# cd /System/Library/Extensions
# sudo chmod -R 755 rtl8187l.kext
# sudo chown -R 0:0 rtl8187l.kext
# exit

Close the Terminal window and once again reboot your computer.

5) Plug in your device via the USB connector. Then open up the Terminal once more and type:
# sudo kextutil -t -v /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187l.kext
# exit

Close Terminal.

6) At this point the Mac Network window will open and ask if you want to accept a new interface. Select accept, DO NOT ADJUST ANY SETTINGS JUST YET. Realtek should then open and assign an IP address to your Alfa device.

That’s it! You’re done. Go over to the “Available Network” tab and choose the network you want, and then click connect. Input the password if necessary. And you’re connected! You can shutdown the Apple AirPort service (optional) and make your Alfa device your primary wireless interface.

– Check to make sure the chipset is RTL8187L, NOT RTL8187B, as this chipset requires a different driver and is not covered in this guide although the same basic steps should in fact work.
– Check your spelling. After typing RTL8187L over and over all of the letters and numbers seems to jumble together. Make sure you have the correct spelling.
– In Terminal, type:
# sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mktext
This will reset all of the kept caching done by OS X. Reboot your computer.

Author: ALFA Network Inc.

ALFA Network Inc.

25 thoughts

  1. There are some essential instructions missing with this guide: namely that the kernel needs to be booted in 32-bit mode on an ongoing basis.The way you've described it above gives the impression this only needs to be done for the purpose of running the installer.


  2. Can you send me the virus information, so I can verify it with our engineer? Wold you please advice which antivirus program are you using it, cause files on our FTP has passed antivirus scan from varies antivirus vendor?


  3. I have an R36 connected to an AWUS036H. I can configure the R36 via my notebook (windows7). But when I try to do the same with my iPad, I can only connect to the R36 but none of the tabs of the home screen work and when I hit 'site survey' it starts to scan but then returns an empty table. If I do this with th enotebook, I see all the acces points.Apple cannot help me, and the seller cannot help me, it appears to be a problem of the other….


  4. Thanks for your feedback. It's script issue, the scripted was designed for computer not tablet. You may try to press and hold the tag for 2 seconds then it'll have drop down menu displayed.


  5. Guys for those who use KisMAC should not install any drivers (no CD, no site, no, this article) just set as a driver (in the configuration of KisMAC) \”RTL78187 USB device\” already present in KisMAC 0.3.3If you have already installed the drivers try to uninstall it with \”spotlight\” the word \”realtek\” and click \”realtek USB WLAN Unistall.command\” and the logical development and 'done. Remember restarting and setting the 32bit kernel.If instead you use it to \”connect\” then this guide is great! We created an app in \”applications\” with the symbol of realtek and from there you can use it to connect the card to place inside your mac.I hope I was helpful to someone.AWUS036H works on Lion!


    1. LOL I’ve returned 8 years later to tell you Thank You for sharing this. This is all I needed to get things working 🙂 Hope you are well today in 2020.


  6. @ Manuel Monterosso, thanks man this was the fist page I have been on looking for driver information and you surely saved me some time. I was just using it for KisMAC.


  7. Hey James, can't see your post since only invited users can view your blog? would love to know how to make my AWUS036H work on 64bit. Thanks!


  8. Hi Alfa, I would like to know if you ever intend to rewrite the osx driver for 64bit. Or if you don't intend to do that then maybe release the source code so that someone else might have a go.


  9. Defaulting to kernel file '/System/Library/Kernels/kernel'Notice: /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187l.kext has debug properties set.Diagnostics for /System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187l.kext:Warnings: Executable does not contain code for architecture: x86_64Code Signing Failure: not code signedWarnings: Executable does not contain code for architecture: x86_64/System/Library/Extensions/rtl8187l.kext appears to be loadable (not including linkage for on-disk libraries).ERROR: invalid signature for com.realtek.driver.RTL8187, will not loadEmmas-MacBook-Pro:~ Emmy-Lou$


  10. i need to say hello from the other side the alfa AWUS036H dont have driver for mac ox 10.11.2 el capitan i need to know is avaible if know i need to buy a new one


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